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Well, we have had a bit of a gap between postings, but that is because I have been working on various items behind the scenes.  The first part of the course for Designaknit with the SK840 book is now complete.  I am now working on a Brother 950i version.  I have also uploaded an SK840 video to Youtube, but this… Read more →

Multi Coloured Fairisle

I have just set up a nice multi coloured fairisle for the colour changer in DAK 8.  Not sure when I am actually going to knit it, but it is ready to go.  Had a few problems with selecting and non-selecting colours, so I just swapped a few over until the same colour was a non-selecting one in each case…. Read more →

Adding a Neckband Part 3

A little apology on this video as the phone started ringing.   I wouldn’t mind but it was one of those recorded ones.  Anyway it was only 2 rings and I haven’t yet learnt how to remove that bit.  I am studying it and when I learn I will put an update.  In the meantime here it is warts and all. Adding… Read more →

Added a new video today for part one of Adding a Neckband

Invested in some new editing software for my videos and I am just getting to grips with it.  I am experimenting with different camera angles so I am looking for feedback to see which works best.  In the meantime, I am also hoping that the videos will give you an insight on how to put on a neckband.  I will… Read more →


Working on Projects

Hi Everyone, I am currently working on a few projects in the way of courses for mainly Electronic Knitting Machines.  I will probably test a lot of the stuff that I create on here as I now have a wonderful new platform available to me.  I will let you know more as I make progress.  But this new platform gives… Read more →

Nigel's Clubs and Classes

Nigel’s Clubs and Classes

Pictured below is one of Nigel’s group sessions.  Nigel is an absolute walking database of patterns and techniques and great fun is had by all who attend his sessions.  Machine Knitting evening group is held fortnightly at Made Yarns 36 Seaview Road on Tuesday evenings from 8pm to 10pm.  Phone for the date of the next session. He also does… Read more →